Tapahtuma n:o 10/ Event number 10

DIPDay in Natthagen gallery, Norway
Here comes an interesting & colourfull DIPDay event from Norway - take a look and participate!

Natthagen art gallery participates DIPDay with two day event. Event takes place in LØTEN village, in the garden around the art gallery.
SUBJECT: DipDay: Lets DIP- sopp og plantefarging på tunet
- Venue: Natthagen galleri, Vensbakeriet- LØTEN Norway
- 2 september from 10- 1700 and saturday the 3rd from 12- 1700
- Organized by: Visual artist TrondE S Indsetviken and graphic designer
Robert Khoury and some dyeing friends.
- What is happening? We will colour with mushrooms and plants,
information about dyeing and a small exhibition of yarn and wool.
Also general information about fiber. Small exhibition of books, selling yarn and for sure....free coffee.

All the best from Mr. Trond E and mr. Robert in Norway!
Contact information: Trond E S Indsetviken, tel. 0047 41665126


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